Where has the summer gone?


Henry Hype

This week’s edition of the Henry Hype has me pondering the summer that never was, or the summer that went by in a flash.

How is it already August?

I feel like it was just yesterday when I was rolling into Bonnyville, and wondering if the storm that followed me here was ever going to leave.

Summer is basically over, and all I have to show for it is the best farmer’s tan of my life.

There’s still so much I want to do before the days get shorter and I have to start worrying about my car starting in the morning.

While I’m concerned with everything I haven’t done this summer, I also want to remember everything I’ve accomplished since I moved to Bonnyville.

I drove across Canada and moved into my first apartment. I moved myself into my first apartment by myself (on one of the hottest days of the year), and only got lost driving to my building in the first week. I went to my first rodeo, and didn’t get shot at my first time at a gun range. I’ve explored Bonnyville and some towns nearby, and Google Maps has only gotten me lost a handful of times (the rest of the times I’ve gotten lost have been all me, but let’s ignore those).

I think all of these changes are why the summer feels like it’s flown by, and why I want things to slow down.

I’m just getting used to a summer in Bonnyville, and it’s rushing to a finish.

Back home in Ontario, the end of the summer was marked by the Canadian National Exhibition happening in Toronto. I used to go with my family every year when I was younger, and knew that school was just around the corner when I started seeing ads for the fair.

This is also the second year where I’m not going back to school in September, and even that is taking time to adjust to.

Writing this column has made me realize I don’t know what signifies the end of summer in Bonnyville, and maybe that’s why I was so shocked when I realized it was already August.

So, send me an email at rhenry@bonnyville.greatwest.ca or comment online. What event in Bonnyville means that summer is ending to you, and is a sure sign winter is on the horizon?

Your answers could save me from some shock next year, and remind me to enjoy the warmer weather for the short time it’s here.


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