This is getting ridiculous


Everytime my gas light turns on, I flinch.

It’s not because it means I have to make one more stop on my way home, or that I might have to leave the house a few minutes earlier to fill-up, it’s because the minute I look at the pump all I can see is how empty my wallet is going to be by the end of the week.

I was glad to hear that Bonnyville GIS will be investigating the issue locally, because with gas prices climbing on their own, the last thing we need is extra “fees” being added.

I commute from Cold Lake to Bonnyville everyday, and groan when I hear the familiar ding signalling an empty tank, because I know if I’m filling up in Bonnyville, I’m paying at least five-cents more for fuel.

It doesn’t make sense.

I know the community is tired of it, and I’m definitely not impressed. Especially when $20 puts a mere quarter of fuel into my tank.

I cringed as I watched the numbers tick by. In fact, I could barely watch.

I stand at the pumps for what feels like 10 seconds and then poof, the money is gone and the fuel barely lasts.

I know times are tough and gas stations are trying to reap off of the benefits of tourists, but this is getting ridiculous.

My wallet can’t take it.

The economy really isn’t in that great of a position at the moment, and gouging families at the gas pumps isn’t helping.

It’s forcing people to reconsider travelling.

With everyone getting ready to hook-up their campers and boats, now’s the time to reconsider what number people will be seeing at the end of a fuel up.

I know the implementation of the carbon levy is supposed to help our environment, but what it’s not helping is the families across Alberta who are already struggling.

And this investigation will reveal whether it’s truly the carbon levy Bonnyville drivers are feeling, or something else.

Whether it’s taking food off the table or cancelling camping trips, the only people losing because of high gas prices is the public.


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