Serina Parsons ready to take the reins of Bonnyville chamber


There’s a new executive director in town, and she’s ready to leave a lasting impression.

Serina Parsons has been named the executive director for the Bonnyville and District Chamber of Commerce, and she couldn’t be happier.

Excited about the opportunity to work closely with local businesses, residents, and community organizations, Parsons is eager to get to work.

“I plan on being out and about more and meeting with our members, rather than being located in an office. I want to be out, meeting with people, sitting down, introducing myself, and finding out what some of the issues are and how I can better serve them,” Parsons said. 

With a wide-range of experience, Parsons is eager to continue building off of outgoing executive director Tanya Oliver’s success, while adding her own flare to the mix.

Serina Parsons has been named the new executive director for the Bonnyville and District Chamber of Commerce.

Parsons has lived in the Lakeland for over eight years. Prior to her position as the resource development coordinator at the Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre (DMSCC), she worked with oil well companies.

“The DMSCC really allowed me to be out to meet and network with people, as well as raise valuable funds for the crisis centre. That’s going to be something that I really want to do here for the Bonnyville and District Chamber of Commerce as well, is to roll that revenue base, while creating as much awareness as I can,” she said.

Her expansive background in both education and work experience is what drew the chamber to Parsons, said Oliver.

“Her background is so diverse, which is such a good fit for the chamber of commerce, because what we do isn’t black and white, it’s very diverse and it’s constantly changing. She seems very go with the flow, she has lots of great ideas, and her energy and her passion is good.”

It wasn’t only her know-how that landed Parsons the job, it was also her personality.

Oliver described it as “very outgoing and personable.”

“I’m excited to leave things in her hands as I move on,” she added.

Although Parsons didn’t spend too much time in the Bonnyville area prior to her new position, she sees the similarities between the two municipalities, and how well they work together.

“Most of my experience has been within the Cold Lake community. I have had some background in Bonnyville, but I’m really excited, because in my opinion and in my heart, these communities are very tight-knit and very close together. When something happens, these communities come together, and I like seeing the strength and  inspiration that comes from that.”

She continued, “It’s a bit of a move for me from Cold Lake to Bonnyville, but I’m really excited to stay community-oriented and continue to help the businesses in this community.”

When considering the position, Parsons was automatically attracted to the community-based work environment the chamber had to offer.

Parsons admits the job is very new to her, but she is ready to learn and serve their members to the best of her ability.

“I have a steep learning curve, I’m not going to joke about that. I hope it’s really not too long and that people will see me out there and active and doing what I can,” emphasized Parsons.

As she plans for the future, Parsons is keeping her sights set on building relationships, working with local agencies, businesses, and non-profits, and bringing in more events and awareness when it comes to the chamber of the services they have to offer.

Oliver said, “There is so much potential for new ideas and growth. We have such a vibrant community and chamber that I think she will be such a good fit to continue the really good things that we have been doing, but also add her own flare, come up with new things, and find new ways to serve our members in the community and more.”


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