See what’s available in Glendon


Come out and see what Glendon has to offer during their registration night.

The second annual Glendon Community Awareness and Registration Night is happening on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at Glendon School from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“Last year, we decided to try and get the community groups talking to each other more to try and work together since we’re a small community,” explained Mayor Laura Papirny. “We just wanted to get better communications among the groups, and provide a community event night so all the residents have one place to go and see what opportunities are available.”

Julia Tran, one of the organizers for the event, got involved after realizing just how many groups are active in the area.

“When I was working on the Village of Glendon’s website to create a full list of our community groups, after seeing how many we actually have in Glendon, I was pretty surprised. I wanted to share that information with the public,” she expressed.

For the first year, the event was only open to non-profits. Fifteen organizations from Glendon were on-hand to answer questions for residents.

“That was just for non-profit organizations, and we didn’t have local or home businesses, or any businesses that just wanted to raise awareness,” explained organizer Rhonda Doonanco. “We were very happy with that, it was a very full gym and it was a prefect time to go down and take a look at what to do during the winter months.”

This time around, even more groups from Glendon and the surrounding area will be fielding questions and registering residents.

“All the different community groups will be there. We have minor hockey, the Ukrainian hall, all of those groups will be there. You can register for the upcoming seasons,” said Glendon CAO Melody Kwiatkowski, adding businesses and for profit organizations were invited to participate this year.

The event was started as a way of informing the community of the services available.

Kwiatkowski said, “We will often have ‘I didn’t know you had a baseball diamond’ or ‘I didn’t know that there was a curling club here.’ It’s just to make sure everyone’s aware of what’s available in our village. They’re aware of what sports groups they can be involved in, and they’re aware of what the businesses have to offer.”

Papirny is hoping for another successful event this time around, and that everyone learns about what’s available in their community.

“I’m excited for it, and it seems to be growing every year,” she noted.

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