Community Registration Night a one-stop shop


Whether you’re ready to register for a local group, or just want to learn more, the place to do it is Community Registration Night.

The Bonnyville Community Registration Night is just around the corner. The event will be taking place at the C2 on Thursday, Sept. 6 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

“It’s a great place for people to gather for the community to come together, and engage interactively with other agencies,” explained Nicole Ferbey, program director for the Bonnyville Community Learning Council.

The event will feature over 70 local groups looking for volunteers or registration. Some of the organizations set to attend are Bonnyville Search and Rescue, the local victim services unit, Cold Lake Amateur Radio Society, dance groups, and the Bonnyville Archery Club, among others.

“It’s great for anybody that’s new to the area that wants to explore what kind of options are out there, like community groups and how they can get involved. It’s a great way for us to showcase agencies that don’t get a lot of exposure,” she expressed.

The drop-in format allows everyone to explore all the options.

President of the Bonnyville Soccer Association, Kristy L’Hirondelle, said when she originally attended the event with her son, she let him visit all the tables before helping him pick something he was really interested in.

“You can have a kid who’s not sure what they want to do, and this was my son a few years back before he even started playing soccer. We showed up, and we walked around and around. He picked a few things that he liked, and when we got home, he picked one and we registered for it. The rest is history,” she recalled. “(The event) brings everybody together, on the same platform, and the kids get to pick what they actually want to do.”

Registration night isn’t only about learning what’s available in the community. For organizations like the Bonnyville Soccer Association it’s a chance to sign families up for another season

Along with the staples of the community, such as sports groups and volunteering opportunities, some of the tables will feature new organizations.

“A new one this year is Parkinson’s Alberta. That’s a new agency that’s approached us, and said ‘hey, we heard about your event,’” Ferbey noted, adding there will even be a political candidate taking advantage of registration night.

Organizations wanting to set up a table have until Sept. 3 to sign up. Ferbey encouraged people not to panic if they haven’t heard back about their request.

“The phone is ringing off the wall right now, and we’re actually closed for the summer… Call, or come visit us after the long weekend, because they’ll be able to catch us,” she said.

For more information, visit the Bonnyville Community Learning Council website at or call 780-826-2150.


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