Not all who wander are lost… except me


The Henry Hype

Hello friends. This week’s edition of the Henry Hype has me sharing my struggles with finding my way around the Lakeland, and my most recent misadventure.

Let me paint you the picture: I’m just leaving the office Wednesday evening on my way to the open house for the Cold Lake Regional Airport. After discussing where it’s located with my editor, Meagan, I turn to my trusty Google Maps (who my dad lovingly calls Brumhilda) and type in the airport’s address provided online.. I hop into my trust Vibe and off I go.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m prone to getting lost around here.

A lot.

Whenever I’m going to a place I’ve never been before, I leave a little earlier than I normally would to give myself some extra time, in case I do get lost.

I say this because I left quite a bit early so I could find the Cold Lake Airport, but apparently, I needed to leave at least an hour earlier. 

Robynne Henry
The Henry Hype

Brumhilda wasn’t directing me to where I actually wanted or needed to go. Instead, she brought me to a random property in the opposite direction.

I pulled over and desperately tried to reenter the address. I was hoping it would magically correct itself, and direct me out of the sideroad.

It didn’t, and I had to get directions from Meagan to get turned in the right direction.

Twenty minutes later, I arrived in time for the end of the presentation, and quickly got all of the interviews I needed before I prepared to leave.

Instead of heading straight back (the correct way this time), I was approached by a lovely man named Wayne Tokarz.

He offered to take me for a ride in one of his airplanes (I apologize, I don’t remember the name), and I said yes without really thinking it through.

I used to be deathly afraid of heights, and still feel a tremor go through me when I stand on the third-floor balcony of my apartment. I’ve only been on two planes in my life, and had a major panic attack before I got into a airplane for the first time.

I was very shocked when I took Wayne up on his offer, but can easily say I don’t regret it.

While it was quite cold that night, it was really beautiful. Cold Lake looked amazing from my front seat, and probably would have wanted to be up there longer if it hadn’t been so cold.

It was a great way to end my day, especially after the I spent over an hour lost and searching for the airport.


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