Man charged with making death threats


A Saddle Lake man pled guilty to uttering threats after wielding a machete and threatening two people.

On Feb. 22, Bonnyville RCMP were called to Saddle Lake after a woman claimed Quennel Cardinal threatened to chop her up with a machete.

According to another witness, who was also threatened, Cardinal was holding a machete at the time of the threat.

Officers arrived, but not before Cardinal fled the residence.

He was later located at another Saddle Lake home where he began a brief stand-off with RCMP.

Eventually, Cardinal surrendered.

This wasn’t the first and only charge Cardinal faced during his court appearance in Bonnyville on Tuesday, May 15.

Another complainant had called RCMP stating he had threatened to shoot her. A gun was later found at Cardinal’s residence.

Prior to making these threats, on Feb. 7, police found over six grams of methamphetamine in a backpack Cardinal was carrying.

They had been conducting a search warrant on a Saddle Lake residence when they found Cardinal wearing a backpack. It had been seized after officers found a weapon strapped to it.

While officers were busy searching the bag, Cardinal fled the scene.

On Tuesday, in the Bonnyville Provincial Courthouse, Cardinal pled guilty to possession of methamphetamine, three counts of threats to cause death, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, and possession of a firearm.

During his sentencing Cardinal apologized for his actions.

“I will try to work on myself,” he said.

Honourable Judge Marilyn White sentenced Cardinal to 120 days in custody for all of his charges.

She described the possession of methamphetamine conviction as serious.

“It’s an extremely addictive drug,” she expressed, adding by posing a 30-day sentence alone on the charge, she is hoping to send a clear message to the public.

Cardinal had 25 days left to serve as of his sentencing, is required sample of his DNA for the National Databank, and is prohibited from possessing any weapons for three years.


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