Man sentenced to 150 days for theft


A CNRL employee called RCMP after cameras picked up movement at one of their shops.

On May 17, at about 4:30 a.m., St. Paul RCMP responded to a call from an employee who had received photos from one of their shop’s security systems in the County of St. Paul showing a man breaking into the building and rummaging around.

RCMP responded, but couldn’t identify the suspect on their own. They shared the photos with local detachments, who identified John Vincent Fryingpan as the main suspect.

On Tuesday, Aug. 7, Fryingpan pled guilty in the Bonnyville Provincial Courthouse to breaking into the shop, as well as possession of stolen property and careless storage of a firearm.

Not long after the break-in, Fryingpan was charged for his involvement in the theft of a vehicle.

On May 30, a Bonnyville RCMP officer attempted to stop a suspected stolen vehicle on Lakeshore Dr. The vehicle didn’t stop, and a short pursuit ended on Twp. Rd. 604.

The stolen vehicle had been abandoned, but footprints leading into the bush lead the Police Dog Services (PDS) to two females. They both told police Fryingan was also involved, and that there was a gun.

When officers searched the area, they located the gun outside of the vehicle.

During his appearance in court, Crown Prosecutor Terry Mazerolle sought 150 days for each charge, to be served consecutively.

Fryingpan, 25, was living in Lloydminster at the time of his arrest, although he is a member of the Frog Lake First Nations.

Mazerolle said this isn’t the first time the son-to-be father has been in court.

“The record is extremely related,” stressed Honourable Judge Kathleen Williams.

She sentenced Fryingpan to 150 days in custody.



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