Council passes cannabis retail legislation


Town Council Briefs

The Town of Bonnyville passed their cannabis land use and business license bylaws during their regular council meeting on Tuesday.

Changes were recommended to the current smoking bylaw to include cannabis, if there should be a limit on the number of cannabis stores in Bonnyville, and if there should be a minimum setback from public spaces.

According to Mayor Gene Sobolewski there won’t be a limit to the number of stores permitted to sell cannabis in Bonnyville.

“I’m a big believer in the free market,” he said. “I’m not one for government interference about where you can set up a store, as long as they conform to the rules.”

Coun. Brian McEvoy added, “The free market should manage the number of stores.”

No changes were made to the bylaw in terms of distance between cannabis retailers, which won’t require a buffer zone between another recreational cannabis store. However, when it comes to setting up shop near public spaces, council agreed there needs to be a 150-metre setback.

An amendment was approved to require a $300 fee for a cannabis business license application.

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Council talks projects for Regional Partnership Committee

Council discussed what five projects they would be bringing to the Regional Partnership Committee’s first meeting.

In order to qualify for the $6-million in regional ID 349 funding, the projects must benefit the region, as detailed in the draft terms of reference released by Alberta Municipal Affairs.

All of the six communities involved in the committee are required to pitch their projects at the first meeting on July 24.

Council agreed a fine arts facility, non-emergent transfer unit staffing, 911 building renovations, emergency facility expansion, and hospital parking lot upgrades were the suggestions they would bring to the table.

“I would rather prepare five,” explained McEvoy. “If we go in with two, I don’t think we are going in with enough ammo…If we get two of them pitched out the window, we still have something on the table with the five projects.”

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Town decides on 2018 ICIP priorities

The deadline to submit their list of projects for the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Plan (ICIP) grant is fast approaching, so council discussed their options during Tuesday’s meeting.

They agreed to submit an expression of interest for a fine arts theatre, and will follow up with detailed plans, funding, and possible partnership exploration as details emerge.

Results from a community survey were used to gauge residents’ preferences on projects and helped council make their decision. According to the results, residents were in favour of a new fine arts facility and aquatics centre.

Expanding the C2, a dog park, and an outdoor skating rink were other the other options.

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Council thanks MD for RCMP support staff position

The town will be working out an arrangement with the MD of Bonnyville to cover the cost of hiring a new support staff member for the Bonnyville RCMP detachment.

“I would like to thank the MD for this generous contribution,” said Mayor Gene Sobolewski. “The community really appreciates the effort, and so do I.”

Mudfest request approved

Bonnyville will be giving Extreme Mudfest a bit of a hand this year.

Similar to previous years, council agreed to waive the fee of renting the baseball diamonds for a ball tournament. They also voted to contribute $2,500 towards busing costs.

“Hotels are packed for the weekend,” explained Billie Jo Aasen, Mudfest producer. “We want to make sure we get people back and forth safely.”

This will be accomplished through a shuttle, which will make stops at hotels in town, at Mr. Mike’s Steakhouse, and certain liquor stores.

Organizers are still looking for a group to help organize parking, and local organizations, such as the Boy Scouts and the Pontiacs, will be lending a hand with clean up after the event.

Signage approved for ball park and Wayne Manor

The signs for the Leon Paul Bougie Ball Park and Wayne Manor have been approved, and the contract was granted to the Knotty Carver for $3,500.

The estimated delivery time for the signs is eight weeks.


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