Connecting to a family physician in Bonnyville


To the editor,

I wish to make a clarification on behalf of the group of Physicians working at the Bonnyville Medical Clinic. A recent article quoted the site administrator of the Bonnyville Healthcare Centre, regarding patients being advised to contact the clinic and request their names be added to a current waiting list for a family physician. The article left the impression that physicians conduct interviews with patients to screen whom they will accept as patients. This is not correct, all patients who choose to add their names the list held at the Bonnyville Medical Clinic will be connected with a family physician in due course until the capacity of the clinic is reached. Priority will be given to the residents of Bonnyville and surrounding areas that form part of the drainage area of the Bonnyville Healthcare Centre. All patients will be seen, regardless of attachment to a particular physician or not, at our daily walk-in clinic for medical concerns and needs that are not appropriate for the Emergency Department of the hospital. It is the stated goal of our clinic to be a centre of excellence for our local community and our sincere hope that all those who place their trust and healthcare needs in our hands will find a medical home at our clinic. Please feel free to visit our website for additional questions and further information,

Dr KS de Villiers

President Bonnyville Medical Clinic


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