Community board waiting for your sales


The Town of Bonnyville is reminding residents there’s a place for their garage sale signs, and it’s not on town boulevards.

The community message board located at the Centennial Centre was updated a few years ago, and the north-facing side is dedicated to residents wanting to advertise their upcoming sales. However, not everyone is taking advantage of it.

“It was upgraded to encourage the community to use it for advertising their garage and yard sales,” explained director of planning and development, Katherine Currie.

The town continues to receive a number of complaints about the clutter of signs located on the corner of 46 St. and 50 Ave. Drivers trying to read the signs are impacting the flow of traffic.

“With people stopping at the corner to look at the information, it causes a lot of issues with regards to traffic,” Currie expressed. “We’re encouraging people to use the board, and to move people away from causing issues at that intersection.”

There’s a map on the board to help people locate postings in-town. According to Currie, logos from local organizations may be added in the future.

“We’re hoping to have some community logos on the south side, and that they’ll want to put them up at some point.”

The only other place signs can be posted in town are on private property within 24 hours of the event. If they’re located anywhere else they will be removed by bylaw enforcement.

RCMP Cst. Walter Sidorenko said any signs found on town property will be removed and discarded by officers.

“Essentially all the signs on the streets are going to be taken down,” he expressed.

The board is kept as up-to-date as possible by the town, and residents are asked to remove their postings within 48 hours of the sales being completed.

“Our staff does go by occasionally to clear off the board,” explained Currie.

Any signs found to be advertising local businesses and their services will be removed, as the board’s sole purpose is to share information on local garage and yard sales, she added.

The board was revamped after it was suggested at a town council meeting in 2016 as a solution for cutting down on the number of signs on the corner by Home Hardware.

Anyone looking for more information is encouraged to call the town’s planning department at 780-826-3496.


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