It’s common sense folks



With spring comes extremely dry conditions, and most of us should know what that means.

Fire season is here. A fire advisory has been in place for over a week, and yet, over the weekend the area saw numerous grass and structure fires.

Whether it chops up to people not being careful, fires getting out of control, or natural causes, it’s vital that everyone keep in mind the importance of taking extra steps to prevent fires from spreading.

Here are a few fire safety tips: don’t throw cigarettes out the window, always clear your ATV of dry grass and brush, watch any fires you do have closely, keep lots of water close by in case it does get out of hand, and always follow the fire advisory, it’s in place for a reason.

With everything as dry as it is, the last thing the area needs is to completely lose control of a fire.

What the public also needs to keep in mind, is when there is a fire, stay away. Emergency crews are trying to do their job, and the last thing they want is for someone to get hurt because they wanted to get a live feed of the catastrophe online.

Alberta has already seen the extreme devastation these fires can cause, so one could only hope it would be taken into consideration, especially this time of year.

What everyone needs to do is take a moment to thank the local firefighters. They’re volunteers, and they spend hours working on keeping the area and its residents safe.

Keep up the good work.


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