A heavy heart


Dear Editor,

It is with a heart full of anger, shock, and disgust that I write this letter. On the afternoon of June 2, my parents and brother experienced the worst that mankind has to offer. They were the victims of a break, enter, and theft of their home and possessions:  truck, quad, and various makes and models of chainsaws. The most horrific of all, the perpetrators felt the need to shoot the family pet on the way into their home.  The dog later succumbed to his injuries.

My question to the “hooligans” responsible is this:  what gives you the right to take what is not yours, invade someone’s home and kill the family dog in the process?  He wasn’t “just a dog”, he was a member of our family, someone’s faithful companion, someone’s best friend.  In my mind, anyone who shoots an animal and leaves it to die, is nothing but a heartless, miserable coward. I was always taught to respect people and their possessions.  I am teaching my child the same. What are you teaching your children? That it’s okay to take what is not yours? I wonder how you’d feel if the shoe was on the other foot.  Just who do you think you are?

To residents of the MD of Bonnyville:  there are public safety sessions that have started and are continuing this month. My advice to you all, is to attend and voice your concerns and opinions. Neighbors need to get together and stick together. Watch out for each other. It can happen to anyone, anytime, any place. If you see something suspicious, report it.  This stuff doesn’t just happen in the movies anymore.

Thank you,

Pauline Brandt

Local resident


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