New Pyrogy Park playground set for this spring


After nearly two years of fundraising, the new playground at Pyrogy Park is just months away from installation.

“I’m very excited, and the committee is excited too. You talk about this and plan for it but you know that you have to raise money and plan for it. It’s hard work, sometimes you get discouraged and nothing is changing,” said Ruth Snyder with the Glendon Playground and Parks Society. “It’s been really wonderful to have a village council that’s on board.”

This spring, Pyrogy Park will finally get a new playground. After getting an initial $20,000 in funding from Canadian Natural two years ago, the society has been working tirelessly to gather funds for the revitalization of Pyrogy Park. Now, with around $41,000 in their bank account and recently being approved for a matching provincial grant of $41,000, the society is close to completing their goal.

“It’s wonderful that the goal of new playground equipment will finally be realized for Pyrogy Park. This will add so much to the usability of the park for residents and visitors alike,” said Village of Glendon Mayor Laura Papirny.

The society’s original plan was to build two playgrounds, one for ages zero to five, and a second for five to 12-year-olds. However, since that came with a hefty price tag, they are just focusing on a structure for five to 12-year-olds.

“We’ll see in the future about the under-five play structure. We’d obviously have to do some more fundraising but if we’re able to do that in the future then we’d love to put that playground structure in,” explained Snyder.

The ideal play structure the society would like to see built comes at a cost of $95,000. From the company Park N’ Play, included in the structure is a zip line, buck-about (similar to a seesaw), a merry-go-round and climbing structure. While they still have a little bit of fundraising yet to do, regardless, this spring there will a new playground for the children of Glendon.

“We’ll go ahead and put the playground structure in, but we may have to add or subtract pieces depending on how much money we get,” said Snyder. “If we don’t get the increase in funds we’ll have to look at what we’re taking out of the structure, but we’ll put a structure in one way or another.”

The Village of Glendon is also adding their help in the revitalization project, ensuring the aesthetics of the park will match a brand new play structure. In September 2015, the MD of Bonnyville agreed to provide $100,000 towards the revitalization of Pyrogy Park.

That money will go towards landscaping, stone benches and tables, lighting, a gazebo and bathrooms with running water. The village has already hired a landscaper, removed the rotten trees and paved the centre circle of the park. Once the landscaping plans are in, the village will budget for the full landscaping project and move forward with the project. The village will be covering any amount above the $100,000.

“The revitalization of Pyrogy Park is a cooperative effort of the entire community. The MD has provided financial assistance, the playground society is providing the playground equipment, the school will possibly be assisting with some projects, and the Glendon Historical Society is assisting with a historical sign,” Papirny explained.

She added, “This is a community space and the village wants the community to feel like it is theirs. The village is playing a supervisory/organizing role.”

In an effort to make up the remaining $13,000 needed for their ideal play structure, the Glendon Playground and Parks Society is preparing for their next fundraiser. On Jan. 23 they’ll be hosting a crib tournament at the Glendon Senior’s Hall from 4 to 10 p.m. Anyone wishing to participate can reserve a spot by calling 780-635-4118.


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