Mumbo Jumbo in the spotlight


Mumbo Jumbo is shining in the spotlight across Alberta, and as they continue to grow they want to remember their Lakeland roots.

“It’s feeling kind of surreal. We weren’t really doing too much over the last two weeks, and then all of the sudden we are on an aboriginal music countdown; we’re doing interviews for radio stations… It’s just been happening so fast it hasn’t really clicked in with me yet,” Shaun Anderson, rhythm guitar and backup vocalist said.

The local band shot a music video for their new hit single Chaser at the final show of the series for Bonnyville Live on Saturday, April 8.

The single is a bluesy take on working on the oil patch, explained lead vocalist Troy Quinney.

“Chaser is about summertime, working hard, getting out in the truck and ripping it up. We wanted more of a bluesy sound, and we had to think of something. What’s more simple and bluesy than home in Alberta working the oil patch?”

He added when brainstorming ideas on where to shoot the music video, they chose the Lyle Victor Albert Centre because of their Lakeland roots. The band also wanted to feature some of the local talent, and plan on including shots from the evening’s Bonnyville Live performances.

“We all grew up in the Lakeland, so we like to keep it local. If we make it to the bigger spotlight, we would like to highlight more of our Lakeland musicians and our colleagues within these types of shows,” he said.

The band approached Ryan Hunter of Bonnyville Live about shooting their video during the final show of the series. Having known the venue and played there in the past, they were hopeful they could emphasize on where it all started.

“They’ve played here a few times, so they knew the venue and liked the venue and have enjoyed playing here in the past. Shaun called me up and asked me if they could shoot the video,” said Hunter.

Anderson expressed, “We feel this is where we got our start for playing music, even in high school I was playing music right here in this building when I was just 15 years old, so it’s a starting point for me.”

This was the first time the band’s bass player Felix Quinney has ever created a music video, despite his over 20 years making music. He described the feeling as “exciting.”

Hunter said it’s thrilling to see fellow musicians from the area make it big in the music industry.

“It’s amazing. We’ve known these guys for a while. We have a good relationship already, and we are so happy to see that they are doing so well.”

With their latest single fresh off the microphone, and a music video soon to be released, Mumbo Jumbo is as excited as ever to see what lies ahead.

Anderson said, “With this album coming out, I am just so excited to be doing it with friends. We all have the same goals, we love music and we want to do it for the rest of our lives, if that can happen.”


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