LCSD to offer crime scene investigation course


Crime scene investigation, fingerprinting techniques and analyzing DNA are just some of the new skills students throughout the Lakeland Catholic School District (LCSD) will soon have an opportunity to learn, as a new Forensic Sciences course has been approved by the school board.

Trustees unanimously voted to make the course available at the high schools in Bonnyville, Cold Lake and Wastateneau last Wednesday, feeling it will allow their students to pursue other avenues in sciences.

“This course looks at how all of the different sciences are brought into forensic science, so students really gain an appreciation for how biology, chemistry and physics play in to that field,” said Amanda Wildman, CTS Coordinator with LCSD.

The main aspect of the course will see students study and investigate real crime scenes. Students will be taught how to recognize the steps in securing a crime scene, identify various types of evidence that may need to be collected, and the various procedures to help carry out a proper investigation. Basic fingerprinting techniques, along with analyzing DNA, operating a Breathalyzer and the usage of a polygraph will also be taught.

“It is a little bit sensitive in nature and for that reason it might not be a suitable course for all students,” said Wildman.

Teachers who choose to offer the course to their students will be required to send a letter home outlining what would be taught in the course and get parental approval prior to instruction.

Forensic Science 25 is a three-credit course that would allow students to develop a deeper background in science and give them more options to pursue in post secondary education.

“I think this is a great opportunity for us and I think we will have quite a few students who will want to register for this course,” said Wildman.

Should the course be successful in the district, LCSD officials would have the option to also bring in Forensic Sciences 35.


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